1.Mt. Vernen Church was built by Freemen but is being restored by white contractors, Pastor your congregation are walking around in the street with the 1000 yard stare because what is being said in the church doesn’t change anything they are still hungry, empty pockets and dreams broken before they have the chance to build on them. If you had the ear of the people you would have been demanding the church be restored by the black contractors the same ones that built it and if you can’t find anyone, the city should have been required to shepherded contractors(Black contractors Not Africans that are not from the soil ) Freedmen are here, but they’re being forced out of work by the cities favoritism of Latinos you can see it everywhere. A church is worthless with out an economy to support it. The Latinos don’t have this problem because when the place of worship needs fixing they have the resources and the labor class to do it. So Pastor if you don’t get out and start doing something about it, The church will remain an empty vessel and 40 years from now it won’t exist.


2.What’s wrong with this picture.

The Tulsa T-Clowns Between 1946 and 1965, the T-Town Clowns were a semi-professional and later recreation team.

Every year since 2010, the Tulsa Drillers have paid tribute to the T-Town Clowns, a semi-professional black baseball team.

Tulsa’s ONEOK Field is located in the city’s Greenwood District, a historic neighborhood that rose to prominence in the early 20th century as America’s “Black Wall Street” and was decimated by a white mob in what is now referred to as the Tulsa Race Massacre. Over 800 were injured and as many as 300 died, and the search for victims’ remains continues to this day.

As people continue to become more educated about the race riots, the Drillers make sure the players know the history behind the jerseys they’re wearing — and that has made a lasting impact. This is a prime example of not gate keeping your heritage. We were segregated from playing with white teams and using the field black taxes dollars support. Now instead of honoring your team by keeping it sacred everybody gets to use it, PROBLEM IS THERE’S ONLY ONE BLACK PLAYERS ON THE TULSA DRILLERS TEAM.

The Official Site of Minor League Baseball web site includes features, news, rosters, statistics, schedules, tea…
This is beyond being out of touch with reality. Go look and see how many black players are on the Tulsa Drillers team.

Tulsa’s ONEOK Field is located in the city’s Greenwood District, and was the only private school primary for black preschoolers was located where is field is, it was forced to close after being opened for decades.

This is how you dominate a group of people without even firing a shot or lighting a match. I can assure you Black folks anywhere couldn’t do the same.

From our Immortal elder Dr. Dr. Frances Cress Welsing”White folks play dumb about Racism and Black folks dumb along with them, but they’ve confused.

The City of Tulsa has bought up all the historical Black building in Tulsa, and in another 20 years Latinos will run North. Tulsans and Africans(Tethers who fled from their Country and have no ties to our Ancestors will be telling your story. The only thing black folks can do is go to work,eat out if you can afford it, raise and send your children to school to learn how to assimilate in the work force, other than that we have no presence or status worth mentioning.


Now the citizen of Tulsa and the local media are promoting yearly contests from H.S kids to see who can give the best I have a dream speech by Dr.MLK to an mostly all white crowd. And I’m sure most would state they have a black friend but you know they don’t because if they did they it would only show how cynical this is. This is done because the media sees most black folks are not going for this. All you hear is during MLK Day is “we love Doctor King so much” While North Tulsa is a dump.

(1866) U.S. Treaty with the Cherokee Nation

Cherokee Nation chief named Grand Marshal for 45th Annual MLK Parade in Tulsa | KTUL

Where is our financial access and assistants from the Cherokee nation. Can we get stake these Casinos here.

Do we have access to some of the resources that the Cherokee nation like the new movie movie center in Owasso for your Freedman students to create and director movies.

No mention of any of these things just an invitation to parade what ?   YOUNG FOLKS WHEN YOU WANT TO KNOW YOU ARE LOOSING JUST TAKE A LOOK AROUND