1. Terrance Cructher Foundation. When Terrance Cructher was killed by police officers Betty Shelby it drew national attention, Ben,Crump, Al. Sharpen and black folks here protesting, On the surface it looked like there was a pursuit for justice, But behind closes doors In my opinion, I submit that the fix was in long before the trail, officer Shelby was acquitted because the city knew they could just settle with a foundation. And this is apparent because like clock work, the media started heaping praise on this individual, telling them this and that; and that this individual can get speaking engagements,etc. Per the media and self crowning they are the new spoke person for blacks.

2. Dr. Lester Shaw is a singer, songwriter, international recording artist, filmmaker and educator. He is the founder, Executive Director and Program Coordinator and oversees all components of A Pocket Full Of Hope®.

The Big 10 ballroom “When I learned the complete history of the building, I knew that it needed to be reborn, It was then called the Big 10 Recreation Parlor. However, we called it the Big 10 Pool Hall. Years after the Massacre in the late 40’s, the owners decided that they needed a dance hall. It was then built on what was then the end of Tulsa, on Apache, and became a major music venue in Tulsa. The Big 10 was part of the Chitlin’ Circuit, which was a stretch along Route 66 where famous African American artists could perform. Count Basie, Ella Fitzgerald, Ike & Tina Turner, Ray Charles, James Brown, and so many more performed”

If the foundation was going to restore it, why didn’t it have a public forum so all black people in Oklahoma and beyond could have input or be aware and be able to take part in this historical land mark restoral process and the future of it ( I said black because the organization and the Big is the face of it, Right?). Per the media, they were big upping it as an individual investor that spent 100k, Local media reported that. But this not an investor, just a front man organization, Tulsa office of film,Art and Culture is the gate keeper of who and what is done there, This is why when Minister Louis Farrakhan wanted to speak back in May 2023, He had to do a Zoom call instead,The investors are from the Pocket Full of hope the same non profit you all work for, which is companies sponsored.

Sen. James Lankford wants people of different races in the U.S. to speak to each other

Didn’t have the common decency to say the work Black since he is talking to a black man, to do otherwise would be acknowledging the unpaid debt 1921and actually be humane and civilized where black people are concerned. They know in order to appeal to their white counterparts among the hate group masking around as a party, That would be the Republican Party. You all can talk about it, The Rank and file want to know what you are going to do about it.

From our Immortal elder Dr. Dr. Frances Cress Welsing”White folks play dumb about Racism and Black folks dumb along with them, but they’re not confused.


North Tulsa is full of foundations but no businesses or resources to build one for ourselves, If a foundation doesn’t come from the people then it can’t work in the best interest of the people, it gains tons of status without speaking the people it is supposed to represent. The foundations we get are for the needy, impoverished, I submit to you these foundations are only fronts and gate keepers, that enable the dominant society to keep a hand in controlling and do the the bidding of the domain at society in Tulsa.
The foundations are given titles; like of this little light of mine, Dreaming and hoping,etc.
Do you see these types of foundations in South, East or anywhere else, Not even the Native Americans here have that, their foundations are about preserving heritage, gaining wealth and prosperity and keeping it amongst themselves, they don’t go around stating they went door to door and took a pole on what the people in that area wanted.

They hold town hall meeting and they have leaders that are working for the people, not sellouts and bootlicks and straight out flunkies, they don’t need to check in with the local media to explain what they doing, the people being represented know what they are doing because it involves them, And their not championing a brick and mortar approach to a capitalist environment, this makes no sense and will not work in a competitive market….Your Competition(Latinos are being funded and shepherded in the labor force, local businesses and companies here.

Your state and local representatives and Spokesman

How confusing? it’s word salad, what positive growth has taking place in North Tulsa. What’s seen is the City of Tulsa is dog piling Latinos in N. Tulsa, they have restaurants, small businesses, North Tulsa is a dumping ground for all the ills of the city, Africans getting contracts or perks.

Juno, a Black-owned, healthcare startup with locations in Harlem, Brooklyn and Atlanta, has chosen Tulsa native Dr. Jabraan Pasha to lead its Tulsa branch. In an interview with The Black Wall Street Times, Dr. Pasha expressed his passion for expanding access, improving life expectancy and advancing health equity in the community that raised him.

This isn’t what the black citizens in Tulsa wanted, We were asking to restore the medical building that Dr. A.C Jackson worked in,it was the only hospital blacks could go to. There are Black Doctors here in Tulsa that are able and willing to start private practices there. We need our own Doctors and facilities to support our communities and the residences here in Tulsa them and your representatives were supposed to be championing for that to happen.

North Tulsa is done,everything of value is sold or ran by other groups. And if your representatives are unable to achieve or speak on this, then they are not able to do the job, and we can’t continue to vote for someone because they look like us or say one thing to us and then have private meeting with local politicians and the out come is nothing what we asked for.

Don’t allow your representatives to come to you stating they spoke to local officials on the community behalf without some public record of it, They tell you one thing and then do something different. Meetings regarding what’s done in your community needs to be public and recorded. There needs to be discussions within the community about what is wanted or needed and then they take the proposals to the city or state, So everyone knows what is said before they go and talk to the Tulsa City Counsel, Mayor or state legislature.

We need spokesmen to help get back the buying up of our historic buildings and or compensation for or reroute I-244(which was part of the highway act, that destroyed most black communities around the country), that runs thru the center of Greenwood. We need people who can gain political influences in for the district not be a figure head.

Also to be noted when you have financial resources you can support the people elected to serve your community.

From our Immortal elder Malcolm X he stated blacks and whites are by nature social people and could live together in peace, but it is the government and local officials laws and polices that keep this from happening. The only way a group of people can dominant another group of people for so long is to have a system that is passed down generation after generation and we are living that today.

When the last survivors of the Tulsa massacre spoke in Oklahoma City, the media coverage was appalling, media were clips from previous coverage, the reporting was so convoluted it was apparent during the media so called coverage. We got a prerecorded speech on reparations and justice is long over due and blah,blah, the local news report is saying something totally different(reparations in the form of free college tuition and blah,blah). it would have been better off not saying anything, embarrassing,no one remembers what was even said.

Currently Black Tulsan have mainly black females speaking on our behalf. They are put there because the dominate society has learned most people will be more lenient on them.

Where are the black women of to speak on this, you see them at church,the store, they should be shamed when they see black folks, because I know where the Mom’s of liberty are, they’re the ones marching at the MLK parade telling everyone how much the love Dr. King and the next day their at Booker T. High school telling your kids they can’t learn about slavery or anything else related, only what makes them comfortable.