Everyday we get a daily dose of everything around us progressing, whether it is on TV or around town from shops, breweries, marijuana dispencersers, etc . Everything is developing across Tulsa and Oklahoma, but we have been locked out of opportunities and wealth of any caliber. So since the cliche is diversity and unity,etc who is championing for unity of those resources and closing the wealth gape here, why is there no businesses we own at the same level as we see around us. If a company is going to put up a Bill Board Tulsa Race Massacre stating NEVER AGAIN, that’s easy because North Tulsa doesn’t exist it was destroyed decades ago. If this was important they should be championing for restitution for the lost of a community and a metropolis for a black economy, if not then it is just symbolic juster and really an insult as we have enough of them. Having a restaurant and T shirt shop is not an economy. The reason why a TV reporter comes to your place of business whether it is a ice cream shop, hair salon, restaurant and put a microphone in your face while you are working,, they don’t want to hear what you have to say, they just want you to give the node or say everything is going good or it’s not about money, we don’t need it, we need love and understanding. Love who and understanding for what, what is there to understand all the resources are being given to everyone except us. We are not in a financial racial imbalance we are in a financial geniside

We shouldn’t have a food desert with all the Clergy here in town, one on every corner, since they have a congregation. The church was a place of gathering to discuss what was happening and addressing our community needs, faith leaders were the leaders to speak on our behalf but now its just entertainment, a substitute for the clubs, while the paster starts a non profit organization, we need resources and results.

We have to start over, Black lives matter has been co oped, it was an understanding message at first, but now it is just a cliche, We need NO BLACK ANTI RACISM slogan, BLM at this point is an easy way to soften the palate for White Americans to digest, now it sound like begging and for other groups to promote they agenda, it is hideous to see a white male with an ALL BLACK TRANS LIVES MATTER, it’s clear what his motivation. athletics male and female wear it because its an easy way to soft shoe the agenda without compromising there interracial sexual access,

Celebrities, athletics stay silent even though all I mean all have always been championed by the black community where did each of them get there start? Just pick on!! While white celebrates or athletics say what they want to us and about us 1

The City of Tulsa, wants to give us a Museum so the bought and paid for can pontificate how bad we have been treated and abused, like they don’t already know this. Test champion for the return of the Black school that was downtown and see how many of our allies stand with us. But the city doesn’t want to give the restitution for the community their fathers burned,looted and destroyed,