The mission is to change the discourse of Foundational Black Americans in America.








They hate us because we are Black, but they are able to victimize us because we are poor.

This page is dedicated to the victims of 1921 

We the Black American citizens of Tulsa and across America, We don’t want donations,We want what is owed to us. The same thing that was and is to this day being given to other groups of people that have been harmed in America  “Reparations”


something that is given to a charity, especially a sum of money.
“a tax-deductible donation of $200”


The Burning of Black Wall Street, it died and so did the people who lived there at that time, they stopped passing down the virtues of self preservation and being gate keepers of their community, heritage.

Without a code of conduct you cultivate Cowardliness and over time it becomes generational. The elders stopped working together with a common agenda to never let the destruction of North Tulsa happen again, How do you think the green book was made it was people talking working together,etc. So now all we have Boot licks,Lackeys and sellout as spoke persons.

Black Wall street District is nothing more than a small strip mall that you don’t own which sells t-shirts and conversation pieces of the massacre and destruction of your ancestors for who will ever listen, using the cliche Black Wall Street. Black Wall Street is dead now for the same reason it was destroyed in 1921. Now for decades the city has deprived us of resources.

The City of Tulsa and the Government of Oklahoma has a bigger plan, they want all of North Tulsa and the way to do that is to make it a dumping ground. Dog pile it with Latinos” (coming from countries that are known for having nothing but hostility towards blacks) ,Homeless,blight, liquid gas facilities, Junk yards, a BMX facility “it’s for everybody per media” why didn’t they put it in South Tulsa then it would have been more conducive to the people who use it. North Tulsa has churches everywhere but what have they produce for the community other than a gathering for elders that use religion as a virtue to be cowardly’

There is no reconciliation for murdering and destroying a community with impunity, It is disingenuous of the any one to suggest it, if the role was different the City of Tulsa and the citizens of Tulsa would not accept it.

Young folk next time you’re down on Cherry Street,11st,PeroriaAve, Ask yourself where is my Cherry Street,11th Street,Peroria Ave in my neighborhood. Look through this Web Page and I think you will understand why.

Hero’s are not created or inflated, They are just Hero’s

Here are just a few of many

We are only group of people with a museum, full of artifacts and mererbilia of Blacks being humiliated,denigrated and brutalized.

Not for a season but for generations to come.